Apricot Miso Don

Smothered Miso Marinade, Your Choice of Salmon or Chicken with an Apricot Glaze. Served with Mixed Vegetables.

Saku Yaki Don

Slices of Rib Eye Steaks with Ginger and Vegetables.

Hamburg Katsu Curry

Juicy 1/3 Pound Marinated New York Steak Patty, Breaded with Panko and Fried. Served with Our Delicous House Special Curry Sauce and Japanese Pickles.

Tempura Don

Your choice of Shrimp or Chicken with Vegetable Served in our Tempura Sauce.

Katsu Cutlets Don

Your choice of Chicken or Pork Battered with Panko and Perfectly Fried. Served with our House secret Katsu Sauce.

Katsu Don

Butterfried Chicken Breast or Tender Pork Loin Battered with Panko in a Mirin Soy Sauce Cooked with an Egg.

Sakura Fried Chicken Don

Chunks of Chicken Batter Fried, Sauteed with Yellow and Green onions in a Ginger Teriyaki Sauce. Served with a side of Spicy Mayo.

Teriyaki Don

Chicken, Shrimp, or Beef stir fried in Teriyaki Sauce.

Vegetable & Tofu Don

Zucchini, Broccoli, Carrots, Baby Corn, Onions and Bell peppers Cooked in Ginger Sauce.